The Food Closet serves individuals and families living in communities from Loomis to Alta, including Foresthill. To see a list of these communities, click here. To prove eligibility, clients need to have some form of photo I.D. and a document with their current address.  Clients are allowed to visit the Food Closet once every 30 days.  Each family is provided with approximately three days of food proportioned to the size of their family.

The Homeless receive help tailored to their needs. If cooking and/or refrigeration aren’t available, we provide food that doesn’t require cooking or cold storage.  As best we can, we provide food that meets the USDA daily nutrition requirements and, if necessary, foods that do not require a can opener.  Examples include canned meat, canned fruits and vegetables, instant oatmeal, fresh fruits and vegetables, foil-packed tuna salad and bread.  When available, we also provide can openers.  We provide personal care items depending on need. See navigation tab under "What We Provide", to the left.


​Who Can Use the Food Closet