AIFC is an economically efficient non-profit.  In 2018, 88% of our expense budget was solely used to provide food for our clients, and an additional 9% operating costs to provide the food.  Very few non-profit organizations can point to 97% of their spend being directly supporting the mission activities.

Our long term projections predict ever increasing annual costs if we continue to lease our facility, with the risk of periodic moves to another location.  With the benefit of a large bequest and past savings, and a one-time Capital Campaign, we should be able to fund the project and obtain a long-term mortgage with lower monthly cost than our 2018 rent.

The interior design is being optimized for economic heating and air conditioning, which should lead to reduced monthly utility costs.

Positive Economies

  • Stabilize facility costs

  • Reduced utility cost

  • Permanent home

  • Excellent ROI