Our organization is 100% volunteers. We have no paid staff. We are governed by a Board of Directors and day to day operations are carried out by other volunteers. We hope to foster a sense of community, caring, and concern for our clients’ welfare as well as provide opportunities for faith-based people to offer compassionate service.

The volunteers who operate the Food Closet day to day are from our sponsoring faith-based congregations. The reason for this is that we have so many volunteers from those congregations that it sometimes is difficult to find places for them to serve. This is a problem we are fortunate to have. 

However, volunteers who are not from our sponsoring congregations are also valuable to us. We depend on them for behind-the-scenes support. Some suggestions on ways to do this are included on our application form under the category of “Anyone Can Help By:”, but if you have another idea of how you can help, we would love to hear about it!

Each prospective volunteer must read the expectations of a volunteer and complete the Volunteer application form.

        Volunteer Application Narrative


        Volunteer Application Form

Once the application form is complete, either mail it to the address on the form or bring it to the food closet. It will be reviewed by our Volunteer Coordinator, and you will be contacted.

Each person who drives on behalf of the Food Closet must submit a Volunteer Vehicle Insurance Form annually.